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Pa'u Riders

Oil on canvas      Original size  30" x 40"

Original Available

Pauí Riders were young women who, for fun, rode their horses at "breakneck speed" through town on days of special occasion. They never rode side saddle, instead wore long flowing skirts that covered their stirrups. Originally the long skirt were to protect their fine clothes when they were traveling to a special event. The colors they wore and the make up of their leis indicated which Island they were from. The Girl in yellow is Loki Lani from the Island of Oahu. She is riding Hoku (star). The girl in red is Malia from the Big Island Of Hawaii. Her horse is Ipo (sweetheart). The time period here is the 1800's. Today, Pau' riders are featured in all the parades here in Hawaii.

Double Matted Print  11"x14"   image size 8"x10"         $30.00

Framed print with double mat & glass ready to hang   $60.00