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Surprise Wave
Oil on canvas      Original size  24" x 30"'
Original   sold  

In the early 1900's Cattle was brought to mainland markets by ship.
The Big Island didn't have deep water facilities for docking ships and loading cattle. The only way to get the cattle to the waiting ships was to swim the cattle. The Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy) would lead a steer through the surf where horse and rider would swim the steer to a waiting longboat just off shore. 10 to 12 head of cattle would be tied along the sides of the longboat then rowed to the main ship where they were hoisted aboard by slings.
"Surprise Wave" depicts a Paniolo who may have been distracted while dealing with a stubborn steer who really didn't want to go through the surf. The outcome was never in doubt though. All concerned eventually made it through safely.

Double Matted Print  11"x14"   image size 8"x10"         $30.00

Framed print with double mat & glass ready to hang   $60.00